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Ana Bilankov
Spaces, Stories, Geographies / Prostori, priče, geografije

English, Croatian, 224 pages, 22,5 x 29,0 x 2,1 cm, Hardcover, 36 €
ISBN: 978-953-48548-0-8

Published by Hamper studio Zagreb,
co-published by Ana Bilankov and Multimedia Cultural Centre (MKC) Split.




Ana Bilankov's first comprehensive monograph and at the same time an artist's book is structurally conceived as a kind of experimental film, a non-chronological 'storyboard' of her conceptual art works made in the media photography, video / experimental film, installation and text in the last twenty years. Structured into ten chapters, the book raises a series of questions on the subject of poetics/politics of dislocation, migration, nomadism, individual and collective memory and construction of identity within "in-between-ness". Many projects have emerged in diverse geographic contexts thanks to several international residencies in different European cities, Moscow and New York, or in both of the author's hometowns, Zagreb and Berlin.

The book includes rich photographic and video material as well as the texts written by the author and also two theoretical essays: "Some Future Film" by the art theorist Leonida Kovač and "The Poetry and Revolution of Ana Bilankov" by the film theorist and philosopher Marijan Krivak, and has been designed by Hamper studio Zagreb.